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Sunday, November 3, 2019

This is Why You Should Never Put Tilapia In Your Mouth Again (from Cancer to Inflammation)

In case your family members want to eat fish, you probably choose tilapia. There is no doubt that this is the most popular farmed fish in America because it tastes very good and it is relatively inexpensive.

However, this situation is about to change because the number of scientific studies that provide some shocking evidence about the negative impact of tilapia on our health is growing. It looks like tilapia farmed in China can have negative impact on the environment and health.

Tilapia is very cheap compared to other fish and easy to breed. There are boneless and skinless varieties too. As we already said, this fish is popular because of its excellent taste because it doesn’t have that strong smell and taste of fish.

However, the origin of this fish makes it problematic. Let’s be clear, we are not talking about wild tilapia because you can rarely find wild tilapia in restaurants and markets today. The vast majority of tilapia there is bred on farms.

Farm-bred tilapia fish doesn’t consume the algae, plants and other natural foods found in lakes where wild tilapia lives. This means that farm-raised tilapia consumes artificial, processed foods.

If you want us to be more specific we will say that eating this kind of tilapia doesn’t bring health benefits. On the contrary, this fish can ruin our health.

This is Why You Should Never Put Tilapia In Your Mouth Again (from Cancer to Inflammation) 

A few reasons why you should avoid farm-raised tilapia:

A few scientific studies conducted not while ago have confirmed that farm-bred tilapia may lead to chronic inflammation. Eating this fish can make the situation worse especially if you are dealing with a heart disease, asthma or arthritis.

Unfortunately, the majority of people believe that eating tilapia will bring sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids in their body and they will get better protection against heart attacks. However, the situation is completely different. Farm-raised tilapia contributes to this risk. According to some experts, when it comes to inflammation, tilapia is worse than hamburgers or smoked bacon.

Contaminants That Cause Cancer
Wild tilapia is free of chemicals and cancerogens, but this is not the case with farm-raised tilapia. Experts have discovered presence of malachite green (an artificial dye) and nitrofuran in farmed fish. Both compounds are listed as hazardous carcinogens.

Antibiotics and Pesticides
Antibiotics and pesticides should definitely not be part of our meals. Sadly, this is not something that you can expect when you consume tilapia. Farmed tilapia is raised in ponds packed with fish, so in many cases, fish get sick in there.

That’s why they must take antibiotics to stay strong against inflammation and diseases. On the other hand, pesticides are used to eliminate sea lice. Besides being dangerous to our health, pesticides are bad for the environment too.

So, the final outcome is polluted and contaminated marine Eco-system and health issues for those who consume this food.

Inadequate Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio
Farm-raised tilapia doesn’t have enough useful nutrients. This fish has a very low and inadequate ratio of omega-6 fatty acids compared to omega-3 fatty acids (11:1) which means that farm-bred tilapia is not even closely healthy as wild tilapia.

Scientists claim that eating foods packed with omega-6 fatty acids increases the risk of inflammations. This imbalance can have negative impact on the tissues too.

Excessive Levels of Dioxin
Finally, farm-bred tilapia and farm-bred fish in general are usually packed with dioxin. In case you didn’t know, only a short and small exposure to these compounds can result in lesions on the skin and liver problems.

If you are exposed to dioxins for a long period of time, you can expect weaker immune system, issues with the endocrine and nervous system and poor work of the reproductive system.

What is crucial to understand is that farm-bred tilapia doesn’t have the most important nutrients for the human body. So, next time you want to eat fish, choose another species or consume wild tilapia.

Via Healthy Food House

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