Radhamés Camacho denies that he ordered the arrest of a fan in the Quisqueya stadium

Radhamés Camacho, president of the Chamber of Deputies. (DL)

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Radhamés Camacho, rejected Monday that it was his personal safety that stopped at the Quisqueya stadium to Máximo Eladio Romero, a fan who shouted: “thief,” according to the legislator and said it was not him who ordered his arrest.

"Do you think I'm going to stop in that kind of action?" Camacho said, refusing to have any link with Romero's detention after he left Quisqueya Stadium.

Camacho said: "Play security is what knows what it does."

According to the narrative of the events of Camacho, the young man gave him “that thief, tell him to give us beer”.

And he showed, that the fan threw something at him, "he did all that boy", although he did not state what he did in particular.