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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Harpy Eagle Is So Big That Many Confuse It With A Disguised Person

These wonderful birds are almost extinct for their great beauty and rarity.

It is known as the largest bird of prey in the world and can be found in the Brazilian jungles, it  survives from the hunting of monkeys, macaws and sloths, among others.
In the world there are hundreds of species about which we do not have much knowledge, such as  the  goblin fish  that can look up without moving its head, the  mane wolf  that we do not know if it is a wolf, a fox or a deer or  Star nose nose  that does not need further explanation , among many others.
The great bird that we will talk about has unique features,  to the point that some confuse it with a human in disguise , this bird of prey is the largest in the world.

IG: @leon_moore_nature_experience

As we mentioned before, this harpy eagle tends to confuse some who believe that it is someone in disguise since its size is 0.8 and 1 meter high, and  its wingspan with open wings could reach 2.24 meters at its maximum development .

The majestic bird lives mainly in the rainforests of Brazil and parts of Central America where it is almost extinct due to the destruction of its habitat . The harpy eagle seeks its food by planning on the dense jungle, and perching on the treetops to monitor any movement.

When it reaches adulthood this bird is the largest of its kind, and is positioned at the top of the food chain since it is rarely hunted by some other predator. This great bird survives mainly of mammals and other species that inhabit trees such as  monkeys of all kinds, sloths and macaws , mainly, although it has also been seen that they eat  porcupines or opossums, among other land animals.

Surely this is a bird that for some is common but for those who do not know anything about it is quite impressive,  here are some images of this beautiful bird.

Source: Reddit


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