Careful with Colitis, Gastritis, inflamed belly, constipation

Eye for those who have

1. Colitis
2. Gastritis
3. inflamed belly
4. constipation
5. fluid retention
6. skin problems
7. acne, cloth, wrinkles, spots
rejuvenate the skin due to its high content of natural collagen
8. cellulite
9. overweight
10. cholesterol
11. anxiety
12. acidity
13. arthritis

And many more things! All you have to do is cut, drain, peel and chop the glass (transparent pulp) of aloe vera and drink it with plenty of water. It's that simple and cheap

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for those who asked me a
lot of eye for those who have a
lot of eye for those who have

To cut the aloe of the two ends of the stem, let it drain at least 3 hours (so that it does not get bitter at the time of taking it) then wash it and remove 1cm from where they made the previous 2 courtesies since there the bitter thing drained, they peel it and cut the glass (pulp) of aloe into pieces and put it in Natural water.
1 penca gives for 3 liters of water, the pieces are also eaten, the
water should not be bitter, drink regularly.