Lose weight by taking a milkshake one day a week

Let's choose a day when we don't have to make a lot of physical or mental effort to start this smoothie-based cure so that our body can focus on the detoxification process.
Milkshakes are known for their fat and sugar content, but if we select the ingredients right we can also get delicious, sweet and creamy flavours that also help us lose weight.

For that we propose you to keep the line by reserving you one day each week to consume only these milk-shakes. This way, your digestive system will rest, since milk shakes are easy to digest, and help us lose weight and compensate for the excesses of other days.

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Health benefits

Milkshakes allow us to mix several ingredients and even some that we don't like too much, without us noticing their taste.
As we generally do not chew properly, with milk shakes we facilitate the work of the digestive system.
We will not stay hungry, since the milkshakes are consistent and satisfy us easily.
We can combine different foods according to our preferences and even those that suit our body best.
Milkshakes allow us to add some natural supplements to make them even more nutritious and therapeutic.
Milkshakes contain good amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that our body needs, so that we do not have deficiencies.
We can also do this milkshake day after an excessive intake of food

How do we do it?

We will choose a day of the week when we do not have to make great physical or mental efforts, since the body must be able to dedicate that day to detoxification and regeneration.
We will have between 3 and 10 glasses of milk shakes. It is important not to stay hungry, to leave a good time between each milkshake to digest them well, but it also pay attention and do not exceed the dose.

You should drink the shake slowly, savoring it and even chewing it. To those who find it difficult to do so because of the need to eat solid, they can take thicker milkshakes from a soup plate with a spoon.

The ideal would be to always book the same day of the week, so that our body adapts to this purification routine.
We will also avoid smoking or any toxic habit.
During the day we can do gentle exercises, such as yoga or tai chi, breathing exercises, meditation, relaxation, etc.... We can also take walks on the beach or in the mountains.
In addition to milk shakes, we can drink water during the day. We can also opt for depurative infusions that will help us clean our body even more. For example :

To strengthen the liver function: milk thistle, dandelion, boldo, artichokes.
To purify the kidneys: burdock, horsetail
To improve intestinal function: sen, flax seeds
To cleanse the skin: nettle
To relax the nervous system: passion flower, linden, valerian