In my family we all use the grandmother's technique. Apply this remedy and your hair can grow in abundance and healthy.

Enough exposing your hair to secondary damage with the products sold in the market. If you want to have healthy hair or want to accelerate your growth, do not hesitate to follow these steps.

Today we will help you prepare a powerful remedy based on banana and beer that will help you achieve beautiful, strong and healthy hair. Then we will leave you the steps you must follow so that you can prepare this powerful beer-based remedy correctly.


Ingredients needed:

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1/2 banana
An egg yolk
A spoonful of organic honey.
Half a glass of beer

Method of preparation: The procedure is very simple. Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous paste, then use it in all places where you can notice the lack of hair.

Let stand for at least two hours, then wash your hair regularly.

Benefits of the banana

The banana is a sweet fruit that we can find in the market in all seasons at a very low price. Its main benefits for hair are attributed to its vitamins and antioxidants that, in the medium term, act against the negative effects of free radicals.

It contains large amounts of vitamins A, B, C and E which revitalize and stimulate the regeneration of follicles and scalp.

It also makes an important contribution of calcium, zinc, iron and potassium, related to the decrease in excessive fall and dryness.

Its regular use promotes natural wetting of the mane and does not affect the natural production of scalp oils.

Benefits of beer

Beer is a very popular drink that is obtained from malt and whose proteins help repair damaged hair damaged.

This passes through a fermentation process in which large amounts of essential nutrients are concentrated that, on the hair, strengthen the hair follicles and slow down the excess fall.

Its contributions of B vitamins and antioxidants counteract the damage caused by the use of chemicals, heat and sun rays.