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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Doctor taught prescription with TWO ingredients to reduce age spots

Doctor taught prescription with TWO ingredients to reduce age spots

Today there are hundreds of products sold in the market to remove age spots, but unfortunately not all products on the market are safe because of their strong chemical-filled ingredients.

But enough friend. Today we will help you prepare a remedy that will help you remove those stains quickly, safely and without spending much money on ingredients.


Remedy to restore the health of your hair

Apple cider vinegar has a large amount of vitamins, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. All this makes it more than adequate to restore our hair when we see them dry and dull, when the dyes have caused us to lose that naturalness, when the use of the dryer, for example, dries it in such a way that we notice it rough and lifeless .

Remedy: it is very simple. You just have to put a small teaspoon of vinegar with a glass of water, then apply it to your hair giving a light massage for five minutes. Then rinse with fresh water. If you do this simple trick every 15 days you will notice the difference.


Apple cider vinegar also has antifungal properties. What does this mean? It allows us to treat aspects related to the health of our our scalp, such as dandruff and desquamation of the scalp.

Remedy: you just have to look for a spray container. A bottle that allows you to distribute with more comfort the liquid that we are going to prepare. You have to mix 200 ml of water with the same amount of vinegar, and stir it well. Once you have washed your hair and have it still wet, go distributing an amount - as you see fit - of the mixture through your head, trying to seep it well into your scalp. Then you just have to rinse.

Face care

    It looks amazing, but apple cider vinegar is one of the best face cleansers. It has properties that balance the skin's pH by cleaning it thoroughly. It is a natural astringent, and, what is even better, it gives us shine and a really young and healthy appearance.
    Remedy: Take 100 ml of water and the same amount of vinegar. Mix it well and leave it in a container in the refrigerator so that it is always fresh. Moisten the cotton with this tonic and clean your face with it. It is important that you apply this solution after washing your face with a soap. Once you have treated your skin with this apple cider vinegar remedy, you just have to apply your usual moisturizer and not a good sunscreen. Your skin will be healthy, cared for and really beautiful.
    Remedy for skin blemishes
    This is a very old remedy that helps us reduce skin blemishes. They may not disappear completely, but you will be able to soften them, especially those that appear suddenly because of the sun or the passage of time.
    Remedy: you will need apple and onion vinegar. These two astringent compositions are ideal in these cases. To do this you must get the juice of an onion, you can use a blender and chop it to get all the juice you can from it. Later, mix this content with half a small glass of apple cider vinegar. Mix it well and, with the help of a cotton, go applying this tonic wherever you have the spots. Let it act twenty minutes, and then wash your face well. It is important that during this time you don't get the sun. If you do it every day for 15 days, little by little you will see them clearer and softer.


Sometimes, whether from allergies, or nerves, we feel an unbearable itching sensation throughout the body. It can also happen that we sit very tense and with a generalized muscular pain that prevents us from resting. Apple cider vinegar can act as a physical and muscular relaxant, a simple resource that you should not miss.
Remedy: Fill your bathtub with warm water and add 240 ml of apple cider vinegar. Then, you only have to dive into it for twenty minutes. The sedative effect is immediate, a simple remedy in those days when for whatever reason you feel restless or sore. Don't stop trying it.

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