A dentist friend taught me to remove tartar, gingivitis and whiten my teeth in minutes with this homemade recipe

One of the conditions that are generated in our teeth is undoubtedly the dental plaque, which is a thin and colorless covered layer in addition to sticky where a host of bacteria accumulate in our teeth the doctors mention so it is not treated in time will continue accumulating on Saturday causing major diseases in our gums.

Over time numerous natural remedies have emerged that are very efficient in the care of our teeth and best of all, they do not carry chemical ingredients that can harm us, coconut oil represents one of the most important and consumed natural remedies in the world since it is the most powerful for dental plaque.

Being a natural oil and with a wide range of uses, the advantages of coconut oil is that they carry a powerful nutrient in terms of health and oral hygiene due to their large and powerful properties can prevent fatal consequences that can cause loss of dental pieces.

Another of the great solutions that we can use for dental plaque is undoubtedly sodium bicarbonate because it is a very powerful element. When we want to whiten our teeth, its nutritive acts help us eliminate bacteria and neutralize acids in our mouth. .

The main recipe to prevent dental plaque formation is the following: we need two tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint essential oil.

The way of preparation will be to use a large container where you can mix the ingredients mentioned above, the goal is to get a thick paste similar to traditional toothpaste, since we have the paste you can include more drops of essential oil.